lago mar pool open for business March 20, 2020 10:16 pm

Hi! I wanted to update everyone as to the latest mandate in regards to COVID-19. As of this afternoon, the Governor ordered all beaches in the State of Florida closed. Unfortunately, when the beaches to the north of us were closed due to mobs of spring breakers, the college kids just moved north to Fort Myers and caused a huge problem there, so today Governor DeSantis simply closed every beach in the state. In order to comply, we have posted a sign with this mandate on the Beach Conditions Sign and another sign in the towel hut.

On the bright side, our resort guests and members can still enjoy the basketball court and everything west of that, including the pools. Our “Grab and Go” system has been a big hit, and everyone loves our fun new cocktails in a can that they can take to their lounge or table anywhere on our vast property.

to go drinks and cocktails at soda shop

We have 10 acres of land so there is plenty of social distancing provided. We are trying our hardest to respect/promote social distancing while still providing a refuge for our guests and members to relax, get some sunshine and salt air, and have a delicious meal packed up with care by our great kitchen and dining room staff.

Everyone is pleading with us not to close and, trust me, we are going to try our hardest to stay open. With the support of our loyal resort guests and members like you, we hope to continue to be the safe haven we have been for many years.

As I said today to a guest: We have been open for 60 years and, God willing, we will be open for another 60. Be safe and keep in touch with us!


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