May 13, 2016 3:23 pm

Hi! I just wanted to report that Mother’s Day was a huge success here at the resort! The weather was perfect and the Air Show helped to make it even a more fabulous day.

The Sun Sentinel reported that this was the best Air Show yet and I would have to agree. What a great place our beach was to watch all the planes do their maneuvers without having to deal with the crowds down AIA. Chris and I and the kids actually spent all day Saturday with friends sitting under an umbrella, enjoying some margaritas and watching the show. It was a lot of fun for the kids and the adults.

Sunday we went back to see Chef Phil’s beautiful buffet. It was truly amazing! He had an omelet station, pancake station, smoked salmon display, poached shrimp display and assorted salads to begin. There was also a kid’s corner that was too cute! The entrees were Florida grouper with a Meyer lemon mojo sauce, Hawaiian chicken with pineapple rum relish, lime hoisin pork tenderloin with fresh plums and a biscuit breakfast sandwich with prosciutto, spinach, fried egg and hollandaise sauce. OMG, everything looked so delicious. I almost forgot to mention there was a carving station, too, with filet mignon and four different kinds of potatoes to choose from. All of our guests and members were delighted!

Personally, I feel like I had a “Mother’s Weekend” and I think I deserved every minute of it with 4 kids 🙂 Event though the weather was awesome, a lot of moms were celebrating in the spa with pampering treatments. I have been meaning to report that we are doing Shellac Nails in our spa now. This kind of manicure lasts for 14 days and it really is a miracle! We also have a Himalayan Sea Salt lamp by the front desk in the spa and offer some Himalayan bath salts for sale! I can’t wait to try them and let you know how amazing they are!

Namaste, Deb

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