lilly pulitzer shawl wrap knit October 22, 2019 2:22 pm

Hi! I am so excited to blog about our newest shipment of Lilly Pulitzer to The Resort Shop. When I think of Lilly, I mostly imagine summery, bright-colored clothing but we just received some beautiful decorative sweaters and several wraps, perfect for a chilly night and/or to take to a restaurant “just in case”. I especially love the pale blue wrap that could work with almost anything, whether it’s an all Lilly outfit or a pair of jeans. I think I might treat myself and use it as my go-to shawl.

We also just got in adorable matching mommy and daughter dresses. When Demi was little, she and I had so much fun wearing matching Lilly. We even tried to coordinate Danielle when she was a baby so we all three could dress alike.

lilly pulitzer mother daughter set

Time goes by so fast because now Demi is a Freshman at Harvard and Danielle is a Freshman in high school. Demi actually came home last weekend and the first place she wanted to go was Lago Mar to sit on the beach. She also couldn’t wait to have Wild Salmon from Acquario and lots of fresh fruit. I am sure the Harvard Cafeteria is wonderful but not quite as good as our Chef Grant’s food. I am kind of sad she didn’t request that I make anything for her. She did say she has a new appreciation for growing up in our home and at our resort with our proximity to the ocean and the sunny, warm weather. Just wait until winter really comes to Boston! Hopefully, she will come down lots and lots because we miss her so much!

I am off to have a “Pink Pedicure” in our spa to honor Breast Cancer Awareness. I will report in my next blog.


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