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Hi! I hope everyone is feeling well and staying safe. Everything is great here at the resort! The weather has been beautiful and the ocean has been crystal clear. Each day when I leave work, I go down to the beach with the kids and soak in the healing saltwater. Never before has my skin looked so good and my muscles are never sore, even after a hard workout. I am so happy the Mayor opened our beaches because the sea has such therapeutic properties and provides so much relaxation. We all need some of this during this crazy time.

Some days it is nice to take a break from cooking and let Chef Grant do all the work. I am in love with his Shrimp and Pancetta Roasted Cauliflower Carbonara. Chris and the boys enjoy the Southwest Rubbed Ribeye and the girls love The Atlantic Salmon. Our salmon is wild, which is not the norm among restaurants. We are so fortunate to have 10 acres of amazing property where we can dine outside and feel perfectly safe.

On Friday and Saturday evening, we have the guitarist on the Lagoon Island. Between his music and the amber lights strung throughout the resort, there is such a romantic, festive vibe. Please look for my next blog as I will be posting the July 4th Menu. Looking forward to celebrating with our members and resort guests now that we are open and can once again savor everything Lago Mar has to offer.

Happy June!


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